If you are undergoing IVF treatment we know that IVF success rates are important to you, and the below section will help you understand how to interpret IVF statistics.

IVF success rates depend on many factors such as the age of the patient and the causes of the fertility problem. It is also important that you understand the terminology surrounding IVF statistics so that you can make an informed decision.

Each treatment cycle has its own characteristics, so not all cycles result in egg retrieval, embryo transfer or embryo freezing. Customers will be consulted by the doctor on the treatment method that is right for them.


According to statistics in 2021, HP Fertility Center has the rate of frozen embryo transfer (including PGT and non-PGT, conventional IVF and ICSI cycles) resulting in clinical pregnancy, the rate of live deliveries per embryo transfer cycle, and the rate of live deliveries per clinical pregnancies. This success rate fluctuates depending on the age group of the wife are shown in the following tables:


At HP Fertility, the rate of fresh embryo transfer is very low. The following charts show the success rate of clinical pregnancy per embryo transfer cycle, the rate of live deliveries per embryo transfer cycle, and the rate of live deliveries per clinical pregnancies are shown in the following tables:

At the HP Fertility Centre –Haiphong International Hospital of Obstetrics and Pediatrics, we will always carefully explain any relevant data that customers want to learn about, as well as factors that affect the ability to perform IVF on couples.

We have the role of providing necessary information so that customers can thoroughly understand their personal situation. From there, your individual chance of conception and a baby will be discussed based on your personal circumstances.

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